About DE/TOUR Joshua Tree

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Located at the northern edge of Joshua Tree National Park in southern California, De/Tour Joshua Tree is the home and studios of Douglas Blanc and Jillian Sandell.


After visiting the area several times on road trips, in Fall 2016 they moved with their poodle to the desert for what they thought would be a year. Two months later, they loved the area so much that they left the Bay Area after more than two decades and made Joshua Tree their new home: the detour became the destination, the tourists became the residents.


Jillian and Doug each have a studio on their property, and also occasionally host visiting artists in their small guest cottage. Across their different mediums and styles, they have each found the desert to be a source of inspiration in their art – directly from co-existing in close proximity with desert plants and animals, which are often the subject of their work, and indirectly, in the time and space they have for their art practice. 

Jillian Sandell:  jilliansandell[at]yahoo.com  •  IG: @morethanadequate

Douglas Blanc:  zendoug[at]gmail.com  •  IG:  @zendoug1969