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I have been drawing the creosote bush – a familiar and iconic plant of the high desert – for a couple of years now. I was initially drawn to its beautiful,  gnarly, interweaving branches, which I noticed each morning as I passed them on my daily walks. As I paid more attention to the creosote on my walks, I also learned more about its important properties as a desert plant: it provides shelter and food for many small desert animals; it has long been cherished for its healing properties; it is beloved for the scent it releases after rain; it has underground networks of roots providing soil stability; and creosote clonal rings can live to thousands of years old. It is an incredibly resilient plant! And the fractal pattern of its branches mirrors patterns in other living organisms, from tiny blood vessels to massive rivers, a reminder of the interdependence of all living things.

These drawings, which highlight and repeat details from the creosote bush, reflect the plant’s myriad meanings and functions within the larger desert ecosystem. I drew them for an installation as part of a show at The Glass Outhouse Gallery in Twentynine Palms, CA in January 2020 - as people walked by, or the breeze came through the room, the drawings rippled and swayed and took on a new life of their own.

Prices below. Email me for payment options (Venmo/Paypal).

Click on image to enlarge and see color details.

Unframed drawings | 6"x 6" | ink and watercolor on paper.

$10 each

Creosote Bush drawings.jpeg

Selection of drawings at Glass Outhouse Gallery January 2020

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