In February 2018, I made a comic for “The Heart Show” at the Beatnik Lounge in Joshua Tree, organized by Stella Ru and Bruce Carleton. In the comic, I described an activity I’d once done with my students where we sent love out into the world – to individuals and groups, alive or dead, real or imaginary, people we know and also people we've never met. As I told them, “Don’t limit yourselves, love is an infinite resource!”


In February 2020, I was thinking about this comic. I had just started a printmaking class at my local community college, but within a few weeks in-person classes were cancelled. I had learned a little and bought a few supplies so I continued practicing at home. As the pandemic intensified, I found myself returning to this concept and started carving block hearts.


I have been printing these hearts to send out into the world – to offer love and appreciation to individuals and groups, and also to raise funds for Mutual Aid Joshua Tree.

Prices and details below. Email me for payment options (Venmo/Paypal). Free shipping on zines and unframed prints during August 2020.

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