In 2019, I was inspired to try risograph printing because the technology itself enhanced the palimpsest imagery in my work. Risograph printers print each color ink individually, which creates layered images, and with the overlapping layers creating new colors and shapes. In the process of designing risograph versions of my drawings I noticed that I started to think about color and composition in new ways, leading to distinct iterations of earlier ideas.

Email me for payment  and shipping options. Click on image to enlarge and see color details.

Printed on acid-free cardstock | 7" x 7"


Unframed $8


Matted and framed $35

Jillian Sandell:  jilliansandell[at]yahoo.com  •  IG: @morethanadequate

Douglas Blanc:  zendoug[at]gmail.com  •  IG:  @zendoug1969